Tokyo Japan, 1964


The majority of material relating to the 1964 Games is held by three repositories.  The Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs holds the Ministry’s diplomatic communication records with participating countries as well as materials distributed by the Organizing Committee for the Games of the ⅩⅧ Olympiad; The National Archives of Japan holds national government records from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology and the Cabinet/Prime Minister’s Office and the Tokyo Metropolitan Archives hold the bulk of the material relating to the preparation and running of the Games.

The Prince Chichibu Memorial Sports Museum and Library, National Agency for the Advancement of Sport and Health holds museum objects relating to the 1964 Olympic Games and to Japan’s involvement in other Olympic Games.

The Tokyo Olympic Memorial Gallery, Metropolitan Komazawa Olympic Park General Sports Ground also exhibits items relating to the Olympic Games.

Other repositories which may hold Olympic material include the Edo-Tokyo Museum  and the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library. However, Sporting Cities has not been made aware of Olympic holdings for these repositories.

Organisation Information Type Online
Diplomatic Archives, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Documents Not online
National Archives of Japan Documents Catalogue, digitised images
Prince Chichibu Memorial Sports Museum and Library Museum objects Not online
Tokyo Metropolitan Archives Documents, photographs Not online