Stockholm Sweden, 1912


The main archive of the Stockholm Olympic Games is held at the Riksarkivet (Swedish National Archives).  Some records relating to individual competitors and sporting associations can be found at the Malmö Idrottsmuseet (Malmö Sports Museum).

The Sveriges Centralförening för idrottens främjande (Swedish Central Association for the Advancement of Athletics) holds photographs relating to the Games.

Organisation Information Type Online
Malmö Idrottsmuseet Sporting records Not online
Sveriges Centralförening för idrottens främjande Photographs Some digitised images online
Riksarkivet Administrative records Catalogue

The Stockholms Stadsarkiv (Stockholm City Archives) holds some information about the Marathon competition.  See the Gallery page of this Games for digital images.

Further photographs relating to the Olympic Games of 1912, taken from sources at the Stockholms Stadsmuseum and Stockholms Stadsarkiv, are available at the website