Rome Italy, 1960

Legacy of the Games

In 1958 the International Olympic Committee decided to adopt the anthem composed by Spiros Samaras and Kostis Palamas in 1896. The anthem had originally been composed for the 1st Olympiad of the modern era, but Rome 1960 was the first Olympics where it was performed as the official Olympic anthem.

Rome was also the first games to include a full Paralympic Games as we know it today. This first Paralympic Games featured 400 athletes from 23 countries and took place between 18 -25 September 1960. Eight sports featured at the first Paralympics, all of which were considered suitable for athletes with spinal cord injuries; they consisted of Archery, Athletics, Dartchery, Para-Table Tennis, Snooker, Swimming, Wheelchair Fencing and Wheelchair Basketball.

At the 1960 Games, South Africa participated in the Olympics for the last time for 32 years. From 1964 it was banned by the International Olympic Committee as a protest against the apartheid regime. South African athletes were allowed to compete again from 1992.