New York / Stoke Mandeville United States / Great Britain, 1984

The events of the 1984 Summer Paralympics were split between two locations. Originally the Games were due to take place at one venue in the USA, as the Olympic Games were being held in Los Angeles. However, the independent sports organisations for disabled athletes had no formal relations with the Olympic Organising Committee for the 1984 Games.

The American National Wheelchair Athletic Association, an organisation affiliated to the International Stoke Mandeville Games Federation, announced that it would hold its own Games for wheelchair athletes with spinal cord injuries at Stoke Mandeville itself, in the county of Buckinghamshire in south east England . The other three main disability groups – amputees, the visually impaired and athletes with cerebral palsy – combined to hold their competitions in New York, but were prohibited by the 1984 Olympic Organising Committee from badging the event as the Paralympic Games.

This was the last time the Paralympic events were held in a different city or country from the Olympic Games.