London Great Britain, 1948

The International Olympic Committee had awarded the 1944 Olympic Games to London at its session in June 1939. 

After the cancellation of those Games due to World War II, London again stood as a candidate for the 1948 Games. Post-war rationing and financial problems facing Great Britain led to second thoughts and almost the resignation of the 1948 Games to the USA, but King George VI felt that the positive effects of the Games outweighed the financial implications and the Lord Mayor of London officially applied for allocation of the Games to London.

After a postal vote in March 1946, the IOC awarded the 1948 Games to London ahead of the cities of Baltimore, Minneapolis, Lausanne, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.  London became the second city to host the Games twice, having hosted the IV Olympiad in 1908, and would go on to host for a third time in 2012.