Amsterdam Netherlands, 1928

Legacy of the Games

The opening ceremony of the IX Olympiad saw the first lighting of the Olympic Flame, although the torch relay itself would not begin until 1936. It was also the first ceremony at which the order of the country parade was set – with Greece leading the parade as the originator of the Games and the host country bringing up the rear.

These were the first Games to bear the name ‘Summer Olympic Games’, and the first to feature a standard schedule of 16 days. Previously the Games had stretched over several months.

Germany competed in the Olympic Games for the first time since 1912, having been banned from the 1920 and 1924 Games for their role in World War I.

Athletics events were held on a 400m track for the first time. This would become the standard size for athletics tracks. Women’s athletic and gymnastic competitions made their debut at the Amsterdam Games despite criticism. The women’s 800m run ended with several competitors completely exhausted and running events for women were therefore limited to a maximum 200m until the 1960s.